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SW#403: [Inochi Wazuka] When I Became Her Slave (Complete)

inochiAt long last, the ending! This is kind of a turning point for me
as this is one of the earliest projects I ever worked on.
Some curse afflicted this story because it went through
so many editors who then disappeared, leaving it unfinished…

Until Borgler came up and here it is!
Some good old Inochi Wazuka. Enjoy!

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SW#401: [Kurenai Yuuji] FutaKyo! ch.5 (Comic Masyo 2015-08)

blogpicFifth chapter of FutaKyo.
Forehead-chan stays late at school and stumbles upon one of her teachers exposing herself in an empty classroom. Apparently, she got curious after seeing pictures online of a famous red-haired, big breasted futa with no balls jerking off naked at school. I wonder who that is. ¯|_(ツ)_|¯

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